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Dark Night of the Madonna Madonne

The works represented in the Madonne series reflect Turiya's observance of the rites of passage for woman if she chooses to initiate herself through childbirth. The Madonna is the last representative of the sacred and divine feminine in our western christian culture. Turiya wants to talk about the empowerment of the feminine to create beauty, light and love in the face of great darkness and dissolution of feminine mysteries while utilising the iconic style.

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Elastic Earth Grid Wollumbin
Turiya and her close friend Yoga spent many months meeting and choosing new and inspiring places around the base of Wollumbin [Mt Warning] in which to paint and describe the awesome beauty of this northern NSW landmark. This catagory is a selection of those works.
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Crouching Blue Colour of Life
Presented in the Colour of Life suite is Turiya's selection of life drawings. Turiya has enjoyed working directly from life for 30 years. All of this selection has been created directly from the model. Each is layered with a few drawings that have worked  the surface and added a rich and vibrant surface from which to play on.
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Aoteoroa Mona Lisa Goddess
The Goddess Suite presents Turiya's interest and devotion to the Great Mother energy through her explorations and delight in various artmaking syles.
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Jataka Devis India
Turiya has travelled to India four times and has been moved deeply by the culture of art, music, dance and history.  Even in her outrageous chaos the face of mother India shines on in these selected pieces.
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(not) just a suburban girl

Being born into the suburbs of Sydney in 1960, Turiya has a sentimental and nostalgic look at her childhood using some of  the familiar consumer icons that were a hallmark of Australian life. This is a conversation about how individuals have been accultured by a series of concepts, sometimes brutally applied, that have become a mistaken identity which veils the true self which is radiant, simple and universal.

Turiya's approach to this body of work is divergent yet cohesive in it's exploration of the theme.

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Buddha Pond 3 Mosaic
Another string in Turiya's multifaceted bow. She has been creating public and private murals for the past three years. These are some examples of her work.
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Isolation Recent Work

Turiya has been working on two new suites of paintings. After the storm and Displacement/ Renewal series.

Both are still works in progress.

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childcare_mural1.jpg Murals
The works in this series display Turiya's skills applied to living environments.
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