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Love’s Field

Serenades by Turiya Bruce and Cole Knazcsovichy.

All poems and music are original and copyright 2005 Bruce and Knazcsovichy
Mixed by Cole Knazcsovichy
Mastered by Kamal Engels @





Drink deep of our nectarous soul
And arouse within us the deepest and deepest joy of life !
The cup of wine is full and inviting
Why neglect it so?
Let life’s bounty beguile and seduce you like a passionate lover
So that the world’s wheels within wheels
Loses its hooks
And the puppetmasters cease to animate our mockery of life.
Let’s bring out our mystics,our poets,our artists and musicians
And entreat them ,please, please pour your wisdoms divine
Over our furrowed brows
Until we, too, become alight
With the beauty, the gift
The gratitude for each breath’s bounty
Until we too, melt into a wild, wild dervish dance
On fire for the celebration of our being here,
on this beauty-filled world NOW!

LA DOLCE VITA (True colours)

She’s rolling out the red carpet for beauty.
Upon arrival her soul billows out like a phantom flag,
Undulating and bright on a high, blustery wind.

She’s skiting out’ uprising
Her heart’s a pure flame
Raging uncontrollably on purpose
Such is their meeting.

She’s found her true colours
They’re as breathtaking as a rainbow
Against a deep thunderous sky.

She’s stampeded the demon of fear
(like a pair of dirty undies)
she’s grasped her tools
from beyond the parted veils
she’s a diamond she’s a privilege
she lets heaven have its right of way.
She’s merged multidimensionally
And she can’t help catching your eyes as you witness this,
Her spectacle.

You’re already warmed by her spark,
“you can,
You can”, she coos,
“Dare and fly
upon passions wings into your own sweet life
for heaven knows no bounds.”
And she disappears in a smile…….


Take me , O divine love
And infuse every cell of me
With your gently relentless light.
Cause me to cast no shadows
On your infinity of createdness
And to bow down at your beauty beheld.
Thankyou for this splendid moment
And all its opportunities to reflect
And deeply revive you with each breath.
I let go into you
I fall quietly into you
Tumbling joyfully in unison
In union.
Demurely I entreat you
To grant me entry into your
Radiant domain.
O ! Sweetest heart of all
All glowing, all bright.
Then you reveal yourself,
You come to me
And in a breath I let go into
The vast grandeur of you
O divine love O !



O great Mother,Beloved
All of createdness
Bows to your omnipotence.

I offer the small spark that I am
The small reflection
The idea in your universal mind
To your tremendous lotus feet.

Your grace sublime
Showers upon and through me,
Your beloved daughter
As I truly know you care
For me through this my earthly transit.
Your benevolence and goodness pours profoundly
Into those darkest caverns
Those deepest recesses.

I pray for your embodiment
To disrupt my mortal error of identification
And to live by the waft  of your tremendous fragrant love.

My desire to know and live you
Has paled these world wearied eyes
And put the blinkers on
So that I may only witness you
And merge ever so sweetly
Into our undeniable perfection.


I taste your kiss
It’s shower of rapture
Blooms a heady tide of love

How can my meagre body
Accommodate the grand immensity of God?

You draw me close
And press your  heart to mine
Impressing allyour sweetest feelings
So strongly into me

My bodies drink this nectarous embrace
And relents their own promise of love

I feel you sup
As you would
Upon a heavenly banquet
A heart meal that heals and soothes

Our sexes find each other
In mutual tenderness
They merge in templing pleasure
Mutually inclusive
Exploring deeper and deeper
Chasms of delight

We lend this blessing
This prayer of love
To the happiness of all beings everywhere !


She reaches into her heart of hearts
Beyond the power of powers
To hitherforth unsought beauty and magic,
Here lay the keys to immortality
A secretlocked unto itself
Away from the seeking eyes of desire’s longing.
Until the graceful crown of greatness
Is bestowed by her own purifying works
Her unselfish allowance
Of magnificence to burst forth
And shower it’s blessings
Upon this whirling roundabout
This whirling roundabout of pain and surrender.
Even amidst this perceived wretched plague
Of self gratificayion,
She aspires to nought but service to
Beauty’s champion,
She seeks only to drink from Venus’s fair cup,
As she wills to lovingly move you , world,
Even through your broken dreams,
Seducing you step by step,
On her terms,
Through her heart’s sweet authorship
For She is her eternal mistress
And secret beloved
Of every palpating heart.
For here we are in her beautiful domain
And here we are her innocent minions.
Her beloveds,her children.


And this I know
Your love elixir
I taste delectable on my lips
Luscious ripe & full
I slurp its sweet intoxifying nectar
and from dewy eyes
the spiralling whirlpool of pleasure lures
as waves of bliss engulf
I breathe your breath
and touch its sublime beckoning
you’re inside my heart full & strong
I feel your sensual flood tide
I trust this and it’s real
this moment
I soar into full universal free fall
I laugh abandonedly into everything
this means nothing
feet anchor this beauteous love play
as we frolic on open flowers of flesh
and blood and bone
Drunk now
and still
I am sustained
by our passion igniting
atlas strength bears us beyond the threshold              
and pouring into ecstatic chasms
singing breathy sonnets of describing
our lovers tryst
as smiling bodies caress the joy we are.



If love  were a field
then I’d be a farmer
harvesting it’s seeds
to scatter
to the four winds
I’d carefully
pick the fruit sanguine
feasting pleasurably ‘till
big heartedness oozes
into a plenteous give away
to the open arms of innocence
Of  the fruit that bore the sting
of cupids arrow,
it’s fate squeezed
under that cheeky cherubim’s fat feet
curing into the sweetest ambrosial nectar
of potentised elixir
sent to spike reservoirs of commonweal water
shot into clouds to reign over the world,
ah if love were a field
I wouldn’t be a dreamer.
Aah but love is a field
And a dreamer I still am.
Yet the seeds harvested and scattered wildly
Fall and take root in fecund folds of earth
In hearts far and wide,
Blooming riotously
Covering the earth with deliberate beauty
And sensual delight.
All beings everywhere at peace
In the gardens of their own creation.
Love is a field and we are its dreamers.