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Artist statement
When I paint, divine mystery plays her role as steward cradling the voice of beauty through time for me to hear.

When I paint my body becomes receptacle to the whispers she makes to instruct the next stroke, the next material, the next colour.

When I paint and sense the fullness of the story she's narrating, joy floods unleashing all stored nervousness into a great walloping YES! and I have to dance - my feet thwacking and tapping the floor boards in a rollicking, wild abandon.

When I paint, I know the difference between doing so for the sake of discipline to keep this receiver open and doing so because the marriage of inspiration and application is so compelling, so entwined, so gilded in the gold of Divine embodiment that the crown of beauty sits radiant on it's demeanour.

When I paint, the ghosts of master painters delight and pay homage on high to the living craft that once translated their soul songs into depictions that gently deliver beauty's message.

Turiya Bruce, July 1999

This poem encapsulates the past ten years of creativity. That era is now complete and I wish to graciously thank all the people that have assisted me in bringing this work into the world for their generosity, kindness and support.

My works are illuminations. They tell stories, they forage deep into our ancestral pasts and emerge triumphant with visions that can awaken us and help to unknot our perceptions and point the way towards our liberation individually and culturally.

My Art is my spiritual practice. I commune with these pieces. They are conversations, they tell me what needs to happen next- what colours, method, image. I am mere conduit.

TB  November 2007